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June 7 Labor and Employment Law Update: Point/Counterpoint 1.0 General CLE Register
June 9 To Kill a Mockingbird – The ethical burden of being Atticus Finch 3.0 Dual CLE Register
June 23 Cell Phone Privacy 4.0 General CLE Register



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Concussion: The Science Behind Head Injury Litigation
Middle Tennessee physician Dr. Lucy Ledbetter has been board certified and practicing in neurology for over 20 years. In this program, she discusses the type of contact, sports, and injuries that lead to head trauma. She also discusses how and to what extent these injuries can be prevented, minimized, and treated. (0.75 General CLE)

Concussion: Pending Litigation Involving Secondary Schools & NCAA Rules
Nashville attorneys Richard Colbert and Courtney Wilbert have represented the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association (TSSAA) for many years and were instrumental in passing the 2013 Tennessee law creating a protocol for dealing with youth athletes suspected of having suffered a concussion. In this program, Courtney Wilbert discusses pending litigation involving secondary schools around the country. (1.25 General CLE)

Concussion: Litigation Involving NFL and Professional Athletes & Medical Facts
Nashville attorney and sports agent, Isaac Conner, represents professional athletes and discusses the details of the litigation involving the NFL and professional athletes that have suffered permanent head injuries during their playing days in the NFL. In this program, he also describes the steps that are being taken to avoid such injuries in professional sports in the future. A brief panel discussion follows Mr. Conner’s presentation. (1.00 General CLE)

  • Ethics and Professionalism
  • Court Practice and Views from the Bench
  • Mediation
  • Family Law
  • Estate Planning
  • Probate Practice
  • Employment Law
  • Federal Court Practice



All teleseminars begin at 12:00 Central Time and end at 1:00 pm Central Time unless noted otherwise.

May 9 Health Care Issues in Estate Planning – Live Replay

May 10 Ethics and Establishing and Ending an Attorney-Client Relationship (Dual)

May 11 Adding a New Member to an LLC

May 12 2016 Ethics Update, Part 1 – Live Replay (Dual)

May 13 2016 Ethics Update, Part 2 – Live Replay (Dual)

May 16 How Ethics Rules Still Apply When Lawyer's Act as Non-Lawyers --Live Replay (Dual)

May 17 Workout of Defaulted Real Estate Project

May 18 Estate & Income Tax Planning Issues in Divorce – Live Replay

May 19 2016 Retaliation Claims in Employment Law Update

May 20 Ethics and Virtual Law Practices (Dual)

May 23 Ethics and Keeping Your Paralegal and Yourself Out of Trouble – Live Replay (Dual)

May 24 Joint Ventures in Businesses, Part 1

May 25 Joint Ventures in Businesses, Part 2

May 26 Ethics & Conflicts with Clients, Part 1 – Live Replay (Dual)

May 27 Ethics & Conflicts with Clients, Part 2 – Live Replay (Dual)

May 31 Civil Rights and Diversity: Ethics Issues – Live Replay (Dual)

June 1 Drafting Trust Distribution Clauses: Health, Education & Maintenance – Live Replay

June 2 Choice of Entity in Real Estate

June 3 Ethics of Preparing Witnesses – Live Replay (Dual)

June 6 2016 Estate Planning Update

June 7 2016 Ethics in Litigation Update, Part 1 (Dual)

June 8 2016 Ethics in Litigation Update, Part 2 (Dual)

June 9 Advanced Choice of Entity, Part 1 – Live Replay

June 10 Advanced Choice of Entity, Part 2 – Live Replay

June 13 Drafting Reps and Warranties in Real Estate Acquisitions & Projects – Live Replay

June 14 Successor Liability in Transactions

June 15 Professionalism for the Ethical Lawyer – Live Replay (Dual)

June 16 Negotiating and Drafting Issues with Small Commercial Leases

June 17 Legal Ethics in Contract Drafting (Dual)

June 20 Indemnification & Hold Harmless Agreements in Business & Real Estate – Live Replay

June 21 Buy-Sell Agreements, Part 1

June 22 Buy-Sell Agreements, Part 2

June 23 Lawyer Ethics When a Client Won't Pay Your Fees – Live Replay (Dual)

June 24 Ethics and Social Media: Current Developments (Dual)

June 27 Tax Traps in Business Formations – Live Replay

June 28 Estate Planning for Real Estate, Part 1

June 29 Estate Planning for Real Estate, Part 2

June 30 Ethics & Digital Communications – Live Replay (Dual)



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Attorneys attending the live webcasts at the NBA office will earn "live" CLE credit.


JUN 30 Writing for Litigators 2016 1:00 – 4:15 p.m. Register



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TN CLE Requirements:
Fifteen hours per year, including three hours of Ethics & Professionalism. Must be completed by December 31.