Lawyer -2- Lawyer mentors:

NBA Lawyer2Lawyer Mentors must be an NBA member in good standing; have practiced law for more than 15 years; consult on legal topics that constitute 50 percent or more of your practice; and carry professional liability insurance. An NBA Lawyer2Lawyer Protégé must be an NBA member in good standing and have practiced law for 7 or fewer years.

Questions channeled through L2L volunteers may range from inquiries concerning specific court procedures and expectations to current and future opportunities within practice areas. However, L2L is NOT a forum for Bar members to engage other Bar members as unofficial co-counsel in an on-going case.

Since everyone’s time is a limited and precious commodity, all Bar members who contact volunteers must formulate their questions concisely prior to contact and ensure the initial contact takes no longer than 3 to 5 minutes unless mutually-agreed upon by both parties.


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