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NBA Staff Directory
The NBA Staff Offices are located at 315 Union Street, Suite 800 Nashville, TN 37201
Nashville Bar Foundation Trustees

NBA Officers and Directors
effective January 1 - December 31, 2009

NBA Committee Chairs
Practice and Service Committee Chairs are appointed by the NBA President.
NBA Staff Directory
The NBA Offices are located at 315 Union Street, Suite 800 Nashville, TN 37201. You may call 615-242-9272 to reach any NBA staff member. To e-mail a staff member, click on the highlighted name.

Gigi A. Woodruff, Executive Director
Traci Hollandsworth, Programs & Events Coordinator
Nikki Gray, Communications Director
Tina Ashford, Communications Coordinator
Susan Blair, Director of Continuing Legal Education
Judy Phillips,Continuing Legal Education Coordinator
Shirley Clay, Finance Coordinator
Wendy Cozby, Legal Referral and Information Service Coordinator
Malinda Moseley, Legal Referral and Information Service Call Specialist
Vicki Shoulders, Office Manager/Membership Coordinator

NBA Officers and Directors
Hypertext links are provided for officers and directors who have available e-mail addresses, click on the highlighted name.

Bob Mendes, President
John D. Kitch, President-Elect
Barbara J. Perutelli, First Vice President
John J. Griffin, Jr., Second Vice President
Alisa Peters, Secretary
Bob Pope, Treasurer
Bernadette Welch, Assistant Treasurer

Rebecca Blair
Robert Boston

Dawn Deaner
Charles Grant
Barbara Holmes
Michele Johnson
Hon. Randy Kennedy
Patricia Head Moskal
Tracy Shaw
Tom Sherrard
Hon. Marietta Shipley
Emily A. Shouse
Michael D. Sontag
John Tarpley
Mandy Young

NBA Committee Chairs
Hypertext links are provided for committee chairs who have available e-mail addresses.

Practice Committees:
Alternate Dispute Resolution: Jonathan Stein; Steve Stinson
Appellate Practice: Amy Farrar
Bankruptcy Court: Robin White
Chancery & Circuit Court: Julie Burnstein; Steele Clayton
Corporate & Commercial Counsel
(includdes Corporate Counsel): 
Mark L. Miller; Trace Blankenship
Criminal Law & Criminal Justice: Patrick Frogge
Domestic Relations: Jay Drescher
Employment Law & Civil Rights: Sam Payne; Charles Grant
Entertainment, Sports & Media Law: Tiffany Dunn
Environmental: Hart Knight
Estate Planning & Probate: Jay Cloud; Paul Gontarek
Federal Court: Joe Kelly
General Sessions Court: Irwin Kuhn
Government Lawyers: Lora Fox
Health Law: Stephanie Pierce; Mark Ison
Immigration Law: Mabel Arroyo-Tirado; Sean Lewis
Intellectual Property Law: Mark Plotkin
Juvenile Court: Sheila Colloway
Medico-Legal: Brian Cummings
Real Estate Law: John C. Rockford
Tax: Todd Ervin

Service Committees:
Attorney Health & Wellness: Kay Caudle
Community Relations: Ross Pepper
---Candidate Evaluation:
Lora Fox ; Melissa Roberge
---Legislative & Governmental Relations: Peter B. Halverstadt
---Lawyers Care:
Lynda Jones; Matt Potempa
Continuing Legal Education: Ed Lanquist
Ethics & Professionalism: Tom Lawless
Fee Disputes: Elaine M. Youngblood
Historical: John McLemore
---Memorial Service:
Keith Turner
---Oral History:
Hal Hardin
Paul White
Frank Grace ; Paul DeWitt
Lawyer Referral & Information Service:
Jim Todd
Member Benefits and Sponsorships: Jane Cates Harrison
Minority Opportunities: Luther Wright
Nashville Bar Journal: Bill Ramsey
Nashville Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers:
Buddy Burnett
Sister Cities Committee:
Helen Rogers; Trey Harwell
Solo and Small Firm Committee: Matt Potempa; Amy Everhart

Nashville Bar Foundation Trustees

Hypertext links are provided for NBF trustees who have available e-mail addresses.

William H. Tate, President

William L. Harbison
Robert M. Holland, Jr.
Mattison C. Painter
Mary A. Parker
William H. Tate
James L. Weatherly Jr.
Gail Vaughn Ashworth
John Tarpley
William T. Ramsey

NBA Young Lawyers Division Officers, Directors and Committee Chairs

Hypertext links are provided for YLD officers and committee chairs who have available e-mail addresses.

President: Phil Walker
President-Elect: Mary Taylor Gallagher
Secretary: Erin Palmer Polly
Treasurer: Sara Reynolds
Immediate Past President: Rob Baker

Events Director: Nicole Paulk
Membership Director:
Michael Collier
Professional Development Director: Emily Plotkin
Public Service Director: Christopher Coleman

NBA YLD Membership Committees:
Recruitment Committee:
Colleen Sweeney
ABA Liaison on/TBA Liaison on:
Colleen Sweeney
NBA/YLD Fellows: Josh Helton
Law Student Membership: Patrick Witherington

NBA YLD Professional Development Committees:
CLE Committee: Matt Thompson
Quality of Life Committee: Mary Beth Thomas
OYEZ! Newsletter: Jonathan Richardson; Justin McNaughton
Justin McNaughton

NBA YLD Events Committees:
Social Committee:
Ryan Levy; Claudia Richardson
Carbolic Smoke Ball: Elizabeth Tipping; Robb Bigelow
Race Judicata:
Allison LaRue; Erin Palmer; Becca Brinkley

NBA YLD Public Service Committees:
Mock Trial Committee:
Kimberly G. Silvus; Brian Neal
Homeless Committee:
John Mueller; Joel Eckert
Community Outreach:
Sarmila Murthy
Law Week Committee: Tyler Middleton

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