Nashville Bar Foundation Grant Guidelines




The mission of the Nashville Bar Foundation is . . .

    1. - to support and expand the provision of law-related educational and charitable programs and services that promote the knowledge, understanding, and respect for the law among students, the general public, and the legal community;
    2. - to preserve the honor and integrity of the legal profession;

- to foster collegiality among members of the legal profession; and

- to improve the administration of justice throughout the greater Nashville area.

The Foundation will allocate funding each budget year on the basis of written applications in a format prescribed by the Foundation. Grant Applications can be requested by email to or found here: NBF Grant App and Guidelines 2016.pdf

Applications are due no later than January 15 of each year for consideration by the Foundation at its next meeting. Any application received after the applicable deadline will not be considered.
A typical grant is $2,500 or less.

All applications will be screened initially by the staff of the Foundation in order to establish:
-  eligibility of the applicant to receive Foundation funds, and
-  the completeness of the application.

The Foundation may, in its discretion, request supplements to the applications and make on-site visits or require an applicant to appear at a Board or Committee meeting.

The Nashville Bar Foundation Board of Trustees will make the final decision on which grant applications to fund and the amount of funding. The Foundation reserves the right to make changes in this program and to refuse to award or renew any grant to a grantee in its sole discretion.

Applicants will be notified in writing by March 1 of the disposition of any grant application that has been timely submitted on or in advance of the applicable deadline.

All grants will be made pursuant to a written acknowledgement by the Foundation to the recipient, setting forth any terms and conditions of the grant award. The method of payment (prepayment, installments, or reimbursements) will be specified on a case by case basis at the time of making the award. The Foundation may require an accounting of funds expended as a condition of the grant.

The Nashville Bar Foundation provides funding for projects that further its objectives and purposes, as stated above. To be eligible, an organization must be a 501(c)(3) and must provide a copy of its 501(c)(3) determination letter from the IRS.

If you have any questions about the grant application process, please contact Shirley Clay at 615.242.9272 or e-mail her at

Emergency Grants are intended for sudden, unanticipated and unavoidable challenges that, if not addressed immediately, could adversely impact an organization's stability and/or ability to achieve its mission.

Applications for emergency funds must follow the Grant Application Guidelines (except with respect to the Grant Application deadline) and shall be made to the Foundation through the Executive Director. If the request for emergency funds precedes the next scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees by more than 30 days, the Executive Director shall forward the application to the Board President, who may request a special meeting of the Board to act upon the application.

One (1) electronic version of the application and all supplemental materials must be sent electronically in a portable document file (pdf) format to Shirley Clay at

Recipients of Foundation grants will provide the following information to the Foundation:
-  A final written report as to how the grant money has been spent and the results achieved;
-  A written interim report, if requested as a condition of the grant, as to how the grant money has been spent and the status of the program;
-  A copy of the applicant's audited financial statement for the fiscal year in which the grant was made, as soon as it becomes available; and
-  Responses to any reasonable requests for further information by the  Foundation.

The Foundation does not make grants:
-  in support of religious, political or lobbying purposes;
-  to endowment campaigns;
-  to individuals; or
-  if awarding the grant would jeopardize the Foundation's tax exempt status.

If you have questions or require further information, please contact:
Shirley Clay                                         E-mail:
Nashville Bar Foundation                 Phone: 615.242.9272
150 4th Avenue North; Suite 1050
Nashville, TN 37219





NBF Trustees:

Gail Vaughn Ashworth
Hon. Joe P. Binkley, Jr.
Rebecca C. Blair
Kay Caudle
Daniel L. Clayton
Blair Durham
Charles K. Grant
Jonathan O. Harris
Trey Harwell
Lela Hollabaugh
Hon. Barbara D. Holmes
Anne Martin
Robert J. Mendes
Patricia Head Moskal
Andrea P. Perry
William T. Ramsey
Maria M. Salas
Thomas J. Sherrard, III
John Tarpley
Laura Smith Tidwell
James L. Weatherly, Jr.
Mark H. Westlake